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Theory Suggests Morgan is Killed by The Wolves in S5 Finale

Put your tin foil hats on because we are about to take you on a trip to crazy town. As most of you already know, fans have been speculating the whereabouts of Morgan Jones since the last time we saw him in the midseason finale ‘Coda.’ Since then, we have not seen any of Morgan, nor do we have any inclination as to how he will reintegrate with the group. However, in the last episode of The Walking Dead (Episode 15 ‘Try’), Daryl and Aaron stumble upon the remains of a number of people who were dismembered by The Wolves. If you look closely, the camera pans to two arms and a pair of black sunglasses lying on the ground. While this went unnoticed by most, perceptive viewers on Reddit drew their own theories about the identity of the dead body.

Reddit users imClot and Catapilarkilla seem to suggest that the body parts featured in Episode 15 are actually those of Morgan Jones. But wait, don’t scoff at this fan theory just yet! Look at the photos below. You can clearly see that the arms are those of an African American man, wearing the same jacket that we saw Morgan wearing in in the midseason finale. Additionally, the black sunglasses appear to be an almost exact replica of the glasses Morgan is last seen wearing. Even the wedding ring appears to match the ring Morgan was wearing in the pilot episode.

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Other astute viewers reminded fans that Morgan was not wearing his wedding ring in later episodes. However, seeing as Morgan has recently regained his sanity (or so we presume), it is not entirely unlikely that he would once again don the ring.

Opponents of the theory are arguing that a major character like Morgan would not be killed off screen. But one Redditor has a simple explanation for this: flashbacks. Being that the entire fifth season of The Walking Dead has featured flashbacks in regards to Morgan’s story, it is likely his story could end the exact same way it began, in a flashback. This could help to explain why the season 5 finale will be 90-minutes long – accounting for the extra time to include Morgan’s journey, and ultimately his death at the hands of The Wolves.

So now the big question remains: why would the writers reintroduce Morgan only to have him killed off so quickly? Unlike the writers of other popular television series (cough LOST cough), The Walking Dead makes an honest effort to answer questions they create. Tying Morgan into this arch would be an effective way to wrap up his story without having to fully integrate him back into the show. Additionally, there is no word whether Lennie James, the actor who plays Morgan, was interested in returning to the series. Therefore, it is possible that the writers asked him to return for a few short cameos just to wrap up his story.

Do you think this wild fan theory bares any truth, or do you believe Morgan will show up at Alexandria safe and sound? Put your tin foil hats on and speculate with us! Sound off in the comments section below!

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci
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    I believe it is unlikely those are Morgan’s remains because when Morgan made his appearance at Father Gabriel’s church

    it had been months since Rick and the group had left there. As of episode 5.15 it has only been about 30 days since Rick’s group had left Fr. Gabriel’s church. Those remains most likely belong to some other unlucky survivor.

    • ness

      Spoiler, the above picture shows limbs freshly chopped off a body, (thought to b morgan ) and they are discovered by Aaron n darel in s5 E 15, but in the episode s5 e16 it shows the remainder of the body hanging in the food truck traps set by the wolves! It explains what they were trying to do with Morgan in the beginning of s5 e16 when they were going to take his supplies and said they were going to take him with them just not alive.

  • Brandon

    Wow, I missed this. You can’t deny that the body parts are of a black man, with matching jacket to Morgan’s. Add the glasses and it makes a lot of sense when you factor in the flashbacks that we have come to expect. While losing Morgan without a lot of interaction I wouldn’t be too disappointed. He didn’t make a huge return in the graphic novels before dying, his relationship with Michonne withstanding as the only real contribution he could have made sense if the story took from the comics. How will they wrap us in emotionally though, if the story becomes tragic and we get a sense to feel for Morgan before he meets his demise this could be the tearjerker Norman Reedus has eluded to…as long as it’s not Daryll or Glen prematurely I can handle it

  • The Zombie

    why would the writers reintroduce Morgan only to have him killed off so quickly?
    Exactly! why the fuck would they do this?
    I’m calling BS on this theory right now.

    • Meh

      Because they know he has a fan following and if, as the article states, the actor and studio cannot agree on a contract- off with his arms! I hate thinking about it because I think he is one of the most interesting characters of the show. However, the showrunners prefer to waste seasons on crappy, shallow characters (Gov, Joe, cannibals, etc) that only offer opportunities for conflict with Rick’s group.

      • THIMCA

        The conflict and different human interaction is what keeps the show fresh and not just go stale under the same old: survivors find safe place, safe place gets swarmed by a herd, survivors run away, find new safe place, etc

  • pfloomboom

    Something interesting: The girl bound on the tree in that scene looks exactly like a dead version of beth

  • Meh

    If this is true, I will quit watching. This show needs to break away from the comics, not follow it. I’ll go back to watching 28 Days Later on a loop. This series has never progressed past its first season under Darabont.

    • Brandon

      Quit following the comics? Haven’t they done that so much already while sticking to them at the same time? Let’s see Daryl, Meryl, Andrea, Carol, Hershel, Hershel’s farm part 2, Beth, the hospital, Sasha, Tyreese, Terminus? The comics have been a virtual script at times and you probably don’t even know it while creating so many other deviations. Your name says it all…

      • THIMCA

        You forgot the CDC from season one. 😉

  • John Nada

    Interesting theory. I have to admit I did miss this. IF this is infact how the show has decided to handle Morgan Jones I would like to call B.S. on that. How much content would we have been robbed of by killing such an important character from the comic in this manner. Lennie James in my opinion is a great actor and the short time he has been on the screen has given us some truly great episodes. Damn I hope this is not true.

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  • Soundwave815

    I will fight you all! Lol. Please name one question not answered in LOST. They literally all have answers. You just have to dig into the show.

    Live together, die alone.

  • Chachi

    According to imdb Lennie James is in the last episode.

  • Wolfey

    Those body parts are not Morgans. In the finale, he is seen camping out in the woods and comes back to the ASZ with Aaron and Darryl!!!!

  • gregsamsa

    Let’s remember that we last saw Morgan near Gabriel’s church, which is not within walking distance of Alexandria. They’ve done a lot of driving and walking since then.