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Two Character Deaths Leaked for Ep. 14 ‘Spend’

Warning: MAJOR plot spoilers for the next episode of The Walking Dead. These spoilers are for Episode14 ‘Spend’ set to air on Sunday, March 15 at 9PM EST on AMC. If you don’t want two character deaths spoiled for you, turn back now. You have been warned.

It’s safe to say The Walking Dead has spared no lives during Season 5 of AMC’s hit zombie drama. With the death of fan-favorite Beth in the midseason finale and the demise of Tyreese in the midseason premiere (both of whom were main cast members), it comes as a bit of a surprise that The Walking Dead would be willing to kill off even more members of Rick’s group. However, since many fans typically predict the death of a major character near the end of the season, it’s refreshing that they’ve been switching it up during Season 5 to catch fans off guard.

With that being said, The Spoiling Dead Fans delivered some fresh intel on the next episode of The Walking Dead entitled “Spend”. Based on the spoilers information they received, it appears that we will lose two additional characters in this next episode, one of whom is part of Rick’s group of survivors.

TSDF EXCLUSIVE: Some scene descriptions for “Spend” to go along with 2 deaths!

These events are in chronological order other than the second death. We do not know the placing of it at this time.

– The opening scene shows Gabriel entering a homemade prayer room. He stands at an alter and looks down at a bible. A basket of strawberries has been left for him from a member of the the community with a note stating it’s a blessing to have him there. He then starts to tear the pages out of the bible. (Geez Gabriel, hate strawberries much?)

– While on a run to some sort of warehouse that contains electrical products (they are looking for some sort of replacement part), Deanna’s son Aiden, (the self-proclaimed douchebag) shoots a walker that’s wearing riot gear multiple times at a close distance. Aiden ends up shooting a grenade on the walker’s body by mistake. (Oopsie!) After the smoke clears, we see that Aiden has become a human shish kabob as he is impaled on a pole. Tara is knocked unconscious and starts bleeding from the head. After a failed attempt to help Aiden, he is munched on by some walkers. Eugene to the rescue! He scoops up Tara and carries her to safety.

– Abraham leads a construction team outside the community. They have been tasked with building a wall. A herd of walkers appear, which result in bullets flying. Abraham says “mother dick” (Abe sure does love dick!! The word dick that is..) and is ecstatic to be fighting walkers once again. After the fight, he tells the team to stay and finish the job they started.

– Now for the second death – Got your Kleenex handy? No? Ok we’ll wait.. Ready, now? Along with the death of Aiden, we will also lose Noah much like many of us predicted. Noah and Glenn get trapped in what looks like an office building. Noah gets trapped behind a glass wall of sorts and Glenn watches as Noah’s face is pressed up against the glass while some dirty walker fingers go into his mouth and his cheek is ripped apart. Goodbye Noah, we will miss your face.

Note: the information is correct at the time of posting. As always, anything can change by the time we see the episode.

Personally I’m a little surprised to hear that Aiden Monroe will meet his demise so early on into the Alexandria Safe Zone storyline. Recently we had made the assumption that Aiden would assume the role of comic book Spencer due to his predisposition for being a douche bag; that appears to no longer be the case. In the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, we are introduced to another one of Deanna’s sons, aptly named Spencer Monroe, so it’s likely he will mimic his comic counterpart in the show.

The death of Noah is not surprising after recent news that Tyler James Williams was cast as a series regular on a Criminal Minds spinoff series. Additionally, Williams only had a recurring role on The Walking Dead, which tends to mean the actor will likely end up as zombie food shortly after being introduced.

In a recent interview, Norman Reedus told fans to “grab their Kleenex” for the Season 5 finale. Do you think we may see even more deaths, in addition to Noah and Aiden? Or do you think that Noah is who Reedus was referencing in the interview? Are you sad to see Noah go? Sound off with your thoughts and feels in the comments section below!

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci
  • John Nada

    With the introduction of Aiden I was actually surprised that he lasted this long in the ZA. I am glad to see the writers agree. With what little we have witnessed about how he handles himself outside the walls he should have been dead already. I guess Mr. R.O.T.C. Members Only Douchebag did not make it to grenade training before the Z.A. broke out.

  • Diamond

    Im honestly not surprised i never thought Noah would last this long

  • Beverly Petersen

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  • Patricia Morrow

    I like Noah but haven’t gotten attached to him yet. Plus he has other work so that’s a plus. But Glenn Daryl Carol Maggie and Rick I need them. But it is a show. The others would not bother me. But I also like them. I worried about the baby also. I don’t care for the new cast Rick s new love she can go. But I like her in orher show.

    • stopbeingdelulu

      i would like to add Michonne and Carl.
      i dont want anything happen to them either, plus im still hoping for my Rickonne couple

  • Bicycle Girl

    Could care less about Noah. Because of him, Beth and Tyrese are dead.

  • Ronald Arden

    Noah needed to eats some pussy before going out like that. ..DAMN!!! If Ima gonna die like dat. . .I’m gonna eats me some pussy!!!!

    • Walkingdeed

      And then there is that guy. Wow!

    • Rob B012

      Something tells me the only pussy you eat belongs to really nasty women.

  • Ronald Arden

    What’s the non infected humans and zombies sex compatibility? Is is possible to bangs a walker, wif protection, and not gits infected? Dat would be a good storylines. ..gits a “hot” walker and tie hers up to a tree, and bangs her a will. . would use gits infected if use does this?

    • What the fuck.

    • awheeler

      Wow. Not surprised by the black eye and missing ” toof ” now. That pretty much sums it up.

      • Curious

        I think that is a “doctored” photo of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith….

  • sinyalnyacoy

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  • infinity1023

    how did you know all this??

  • Carling

    It was kinda sad, although I wasn’t overly attached to Noah. Any intel on whether Tara dies? I’m really hoping not, she’s my favourite and needs some more character development!

  • kimberly

    The deaths in this episode were sad. I really liked Noah, but just as I’m starting to like him they kill him. And Although Aiden was only in two episodes I was disappointed in him dying. The first episode he was introduced I thought they replaced spencer monroe with him ( they didnt, they ended up being two different characters but they played as brothers) I felt stupid when they introduced spencer to the show (because of the mistake of thinking they replaced him)and also really excited.

    I liked Noah, and Aiden was super attractive

  • Aman Doda

    watch walking dead season 5


  • MamawGolden

    Got a question for everyone. Does anyone else think that Tyler James Williams and Orlando Jones currently on Sleepy Hollow look enough alike to be father and son. And please don’t say they all look alike LOL. It’s something in the eyes and those beautiful smiles.

  • MamawGolden

    I have another observation. Back in 2014 I was scanning photos of Norman Reed us online when I came upon a photo of Daryl in full walker makeup. PLEASE tell me that it was just the makeup crew fooling around and not Daryl getting turned and returning for Carol or Ass Kicker ( wasn’t that Judith’s nickname?)