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Why is Baby Judith STILL Alive? Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd Weighs In


Warning: comic book spoilers for The Walking Dead. If you plan to read the series, turn back now!

One of the biggest questions baffling diehard fans of The Walking Dead comic and television series is why in the holy hell is baby Judith STILL alive in Season 5? Those of you who have read the comic book know that baby Judith and Lori meet their demise during the prison raid at the hands of The Governor (although he doesn’t pull the trigger, a Woodbury resident does). However, based on the show, it appears that Judith may just have a sprinkle of the magical immunity dust that protects characters like Daryl Dixon, Rick, and Carl.

Most comic readers had assumed that baby Judith would get the boot early on in the series because, you know, keeping a baby alive during a Zombie Apocalypse would be damn near impossible and completely unrealistic. But Judith has survived all odds up until now thanks largely in part to her babysitters, Beth Greene and Tyreese.

Now that they’re gone, will baby Judith’s fate be sealed? Doesn’t sound like it. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd weighed in with her thoughts regarding why Judith is still alive this far into the series:

“Because we don’t like to follow the comic book exactly, and we felt it was very important to have that innocence and that hope. It’s a very, very bleak world. We’ve seen that and as long as there’s an innocent child, a baby that they can all care for we thought that that was keeping hope alive. The same way that the romantic relationship between Glenn and Maggie you can still have love. You can still find your soul mate in this apocalypse so that was really an important message of hope that we felt, you know, we see in every episode.”

Okay…but ‘love’ doesn’t require frequent diaper changes, formula, or your 100% undivided attention at all times. ‘Love’ also doesn’t cry, or moan, or coo when you’re quietly hiding from a herd of flesh eating zombies! The show has provided more than enough opportunities for the comic storyline to come to fruition – cue the bloody car seat during the prison raid – however, the producers haven’t been able to pull the trigger.


We’re not advocating the death of a child (in real life), but we are Walking Dead purists in the sense that we like to see as many of the comic book story lines come to life in the show as possible. That being said, how long do you guys think Baby Judith will last in the show? Will she outlive Rick and Carl? Maybe she’ll be the new female lead in Season 10? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci
  • Amberose Edwards

    I hope she stays it gives you hope for the future.

  • Xavier

    On the list of things different than the book, Judith being alive at this juncture is somewhere in the middle (since we don’t see many scenes where she is a zombie magnet by crying loud enough to bring disaster to the group/herself). Some children have to survive, especially those well protected in somewhat secure areas, . . Grimes group is just doing the best they can with less than ideal accommodations.

  • Trazy

    Maybe she’s taking Sophia’s spot?They have changed a few deaths,maybe they want to give Judith a different S/L.

  • Xian

    Negan will probably take her hostage but negan also being who he is would make sure nobody lays a finger on her or theyll get “ironed”.

  • emily

    I think baby judith turns out that the zombie virus dont affect her her blood has the cure type of thing considering lori got pregnant during the end of the world so the baby should have died after birth but she was normal so yeah go judith!! Leave her alive xxx

  • pete johnson

    Lil’ Ass Kicker shouldn’t die. 1, She has the top bodyguards that would die for her in a heart beat all around her. 2, that would send Rick over the top, I think the only reason why it didn’t before was because he was hanging on by a thread himself after everything went down at the prison, he barely made it by a thread. I don’t think they should do the story line exactly like the comics, that way, it keeps people that know the comics guessing, besides, let it take a life of it’s own, mix it up a little. To me certain characters just wouldn’t make sense dying, unless it was the very last episode or something. I mean if there is no Rick, no Carl, no Lil’ Ass Kicker, no Darryl, no Michonne, no Glen, no Maggie, no Carol, I pretty much wouldn’t be interested in watching it as much. I like the other characters as well, but they don’t have near the investment. “Maybe” Glen bites it, but then Maggie would go jump off a bridge, and who could you blame her. “Maybe” Maggie bites it, well, then there goes Glenn, it just wouldn’t make much sense, but doing the Star Trek thing and only killing the “new guy” or the guy with no investment, doesn’t make it realistic either. In a way, it’s like they’ve dug themselves into a hole, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  • mamaharris

    She is the soul of the group, her loss would be completely devastating. They protect and cherish her because she embodies the last tiny, flickering and fragile flame of hope for the future, for the possibility that life can go on.

  • linda garris

    I agree.seems shes taking Sophia role. Whoever these purists are they dont speak for fans.we love Judith and Glen and Maggie. They r the little ray of normalcy of life. Let them live. Too much for Rick and Carl to get her back only to lose her. Glen and Maggie r tv’s fav couple. And fans want them to stay that way,plus a baby maybe. Im done trying to figure out Kirkman. Only one fan figured out beths death but that’s only after title of episode coda,which means end of many predictions of beth,but then they did it in a shocker. We can say what we’d like but Kirkman does what he wants sticking pretty close to storyline,ex except for Darryl, who no one wants to see die. My only point is this story is abt rick and carl all through comic. Doesnt mean carl cant die but idk how well that bodes,unless they put Darryl in that storyline.hes never had a dad so i could see him cosy up to negan and lose an eye cause he’s always felt like an outcsst. That said id rather carl stay and play the comic story line. Idk if kirkman will keep Glen and Maggie, hes been teasing us w bats,but still could kill my preference is we keep whats left of Atlanta group plus Maggie, Michonne. Miss beth,ty,. Hershel, bob, andrea ok with. They mde andrea very unlikable so it was shocking but ok w it. Can’t wait for October. What will they do. Whos the major character death. Morgan doesn’t last long in comic but they could switch it up. Abe dies too. I could go crazy trying to figure out what’s going on in kirkmans head.