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Walking Dead Comic Spoilers – Who Are ‘The Wolves’?


Warning: spoilers for The Walking Dead comic book series and potential spoilers for Season 5 of The Walking Dead. Turn back now or forever hold your peace.

Last week’s midseason premiere of The Walking Dead alluded to a new group or villain to be introduced into the show relatively soon. As you can imagine, speculations have been flying regarding the identity of this mysterious group; our only clue being the names of our would-be attackers – the ‘wolves’ – spray painted on walls in two different scenes.

Diehard fans of the comic books have been anticipating the arrival of Negan for awhile now. Some are even going as far as suggesting that The Walking Dead producers have renamed ‘The Saviors‘ (Negan’s ragtag group of survivors) to ‘The Wolves’ in order to avoid offending any religious fanatics. Although this is a rather outlandish fan theory, with the current pace of the show, the arrival of Negan likely won’t happen until much later in the series. As discussed on the most recent episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast, many fans have seemingly forgotten about the other band of survivors the group encounters shortly after their arrival at the Alexandria Safe Zone.


Led by a man named Derek, the Scavengers were a group of survivors who looted and scavenged across the Washington D.C. area. The Scavengers were identified as a mostly nomadic group, moving place to place, looting and killing whoever and whatever they pleased. They were first introduced in issue 75 of The Walking Dead, and are most known by the iconic line “Little pig, little pig…let me in.” when Derek demands to be let into the Alexandria Safe Zone.


Tying in the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, it makes quite a bit of sense that The Wolves are the comic book adaptation of The Scavengers. It appears as though they came across Noah’s home and decided to kill everyone and everything inside. Additionally, their new name appears to be a play on their infamous line in the comic book – e.g. they are the ‘big bad wolf’ who comes to blow the little piggy’s house down. Based on the show’s timeline, its safe to assume that we likely won’t encounter this group again until late into Season 5.

What do you guys think regarding our theory about ‘The Wolves’? Sound off with your thoughts and theories in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.