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Whose Body is Daryl Burning in Episode 6 “Consumed”?


The Talking Dead offers a lot of information for fans interested in learning behind the scenes details and fun executive producer insights about their favorite show The Walking Dead. But what most of us wait for each week is the “sneak peak” they release at the end of the episode.

On the most recent episode of The Talking Dead, the preview for next week’s episode “Consumed” featured Daryl and Carol burning a body on what appears to be a rooftop in Atlanta. Chris Hardwick, host of The Talking Dead, prompted further discussion and fan theories when he made a comment that the body appeared “Beth-sized” – cue hysteria!

While this could be a possible outcome, it’s highly unlikely they would reveal, or even hint, at such a major character death in a preview. Fans have even gone as far to speculate that the body is Carol, which would make no sense at all since Carol stands next to Daryl in the EXACT SAME SCENE – come on, people!

What’s more, Beth’s death in the next episode wouldn’t even necessarily make sense from a timeline standpoint for a number of different reasons –

  • Episode 6 “Consumed” is said to feature Daryl and Carol on their mission to rescue Beth. This will likely include them following the “cross car” for a significant portion of the episode.
  • At the end of Episode 4 “Slabtown”, Carol’s unconscious body is wheeled into the same hospital where Beth is staying. In the preview for next week, Carol appears completely unharmed, which would imply that the body burning occurred BEFORE or DURING the events we see in Slabtown.
  • Proportionally speaking, the body is way too small to be Beth. There have been other scenes throughout Season 4 where Daryl is carrying Beth in the exact same position, and the images do not match up at all.

So that begs the question – whose body are they burning? Putting together context clues, we’re making the assumption that the body is likely that of a child – since we don’t think a random adult death would have an emotional toll on Daryl or Carol.

Additionally, since we know from Episode 4 “Slabtown” that the police officers have an affinity for young girls, it’s quite possible that the car Daryl and Carol are following has just “save-napped” another unknowing victim. When and if they confront the police officer, this could result in the young girl’s death – which would open up a number of old and fresh wounds for Carol, since she is still recovering from the deaths of Sophia, Lizzie and Mika (and would also explain why Carol thanks Daryl in the latter portion of the scene).

Whose body do you think Daryl and Carol are burning? Sound off with your speculations in the comments section below!

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci
  • ModeBeast

    I only suspect Beth since she hasn’t been part of the main group all season. Also, Emily Kinney fancies herself a “country writer/singer” and “Beth on Walking Dead”. She has ambitions to a big country singer gal, so I think she eats it soon so she can be free to tour the county fairs and such all summer. Her music is generic and kinda boring, however. I would recommend begging to be on another season.
    Glenn is probably the next big character to kill off, once they get to Alexandria Safe Zone, Negan will randomly kill someone….Glenn in the graphic novels.

  • vegoia

    you said the same as spoilers have said from when the episode was filmed, in that van crash there is a young person somehow involved with Daryl and Carol.

  • Jimo

    Hope it’s not Clementine!

  • love

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  • gsosidhe hhhh did kdod

    There is one other child on the show……… prolly not but just a thought.

  • Lou Hetzer

    Come on….it’s the bodies of the parent and child zombies that Daryl wouldn’t let Carol kill earlier. She passed out and he made the kill and gave them a PROPER burning out of compassion…they were “abused” people in a “shelter.”

  • Chase m

    I totally agree with Lou,those are they bodies of the apparent mother and child that Daryl wouldn’t allow Carol to take care of.