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Why Hasn’t Maggie Looked for Her Sister Beth, According to Emily Kinney?

the-walking-dead-beth-maggieSince Emily Kinney’s character Beth went missing in Season 4, many fans have been wondering why Maggie (played by Lauren Cohan) hasn’t been more interested in finding her sister. It’s not only the fact that Maggie has made no efforts to search, rather it hasn’t even appeared to cross her mind.

After Episode 4 (Slabtown) aired last Sunday – the long awaited “Bethisode” – Chris Hardwick prodded Emily Kinney for an answer on The Talking Dead. And, well, her response was a little lackluster:

“I don’t know. I think Maggie is just focused on surviving,” said Kinney. “They’ve all been through a lot and lost a lot of people, and I think she’s just really focused on what she needs to do at the moment. So that’s why…she hasn’t really had a lot of time to like go…”

Then, Hardwick interrupted, “You don’t think Beth would be like, ‘It’s just like before the apocalypse. You care about your boyfriends more than your sister.”

Kenney responded, “Yeah, I mean that kind of happens, doesn’t that? I have an older sister, and I feel like I remember, yeah, she always cared about her boyfriend, you know. I sort of get it.”

Sound like a bit of a cop out? Well, that’s probably because it is. I don’t think Emily Kinney even knows why her own onscreen sister hasn’t mentioned her name once since she’s gone missing. And her response is contradictory to Maggie’s journey in the latter half of Season 4 where she chased after Glenn endlessly.

What do you guys think – viable answer or an attempt to cover up an oversight on the part of the show’s writers? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci
  • Izjaushye

    It does seem odd. Glenn and mag leaving Ricks group didnt seem right for this reason alone. Daryl told them she wasn’t dead just gone. So dont all efforts go into looking for her. Not running off with Abe’s group. Hmm maybe she just doesn’t care. Could happen in real life. I guess..

  • John

    It seems like the writers overlooked this part. I haven’t read the comics, but we are told most of this season has happened in the comics. Beth is not in the comics, so I really think they just overlooked Maggie worrying about Beth. This is part of the reason I think Beth doesn’t die, or they would have made an effort to get her and Maggie back together.

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