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The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale: Deleted Scene From Terminus [PHOTO]

Season 4 of AMC’s hit zombie drama ‘The Walking Dead’ wrapped last night to both positive and negative reviews from die-hard fans of the show. We now know that things did not shape up so well for our friends when they arrived at Terminus. We quickly discovered Terminus was not what it was advertised to be. Instead, our group of survivors was greeted with what appears to be cannibalistic cultists – barbequing survivors trapped in their “sanctuary.”

In this exclusive deleted scene of Rick, Michonne and Daryl from the Season 4 finale, we see something even more sinister going on at Terminus. Photo courtesy of SpoilerTV.


Unfortunately the photo seems to create more questions than answers (in typical The Walking Dead fashion). Based on the photo, it appears as though a number of human remains are surrounded by chained walkers. Are the folks at Terminus feeding survivors to walkers? This doesn’t exactly seem to match up with the theory that Terminus is a group of cannibals, as it wouldn’t make sense to waste “fresh meat.” Or could we be seeing a similar storyline to The Governor and Hershel, where they believe their once living loved ones are just sick and thus need to be cared for?

Honestly, we have no freaking idea! We’d love to hear your theories. Sound off in the comments section below.

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci
  • Dustin

    It’s where they throw bad or tainted meat

    • That’s a really good call. But I still don’t get why they would keep walkers?

      • Dustin

        Perhaps they are just loved ones or people that Hunters were close to and something happen to them (Like when the Hunters leader was talking about they have trusted people before and it backfired or if they were attacked by other groups.) and there loved ones died during the process. So now they keep them much the Governor kept Penny, and maybe use them in some cult sacrifice kinda thing, or even a intimidation or torture technique. Thou it might be a long shot i wonder if Chris will talk about one of the groups that attacked them in the past and when describing them he is talking about The Saviors (Without actually mentioning the groups name.) who then moved to DC or wherever

  • yeah

  • Ernest Gouker

    if look at the picture, there are 5 non walkers. I see Rick, Carol, Michonne, Daryl. Who is squatted down next to rick in front of the walker? the only things i see are the following: whoever it is is holding their own hands, boots. i think it is a female because the person is just squatting there waiting for the others to take out the walkers. anyone have any ideas?? here is a link to a better picture:

    • Stoker

      You mean Carl? That’s definitely Carl behind Rick, you can see his hat