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New Extended Trailer Hints at Character Death in Season 4 of The Walking Dead? [Possible Spoilers]

Warning: the following articles contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 4 of The Walking Dead. If you’re not interested in learning about potential spoilers and/or character deaths during Season 4, please shield your eyes now. You have been warned!

Did the new extended trailer for Season 4 of The Walking Dead accidentally reveal a major character death spoiler for the upcoming season? Some Reddit users seem to think so. In a recent post on /r/thewalkingdead, user Gutiarshredder238 found some compelling evidence by comparing footage from the Season 4 trailer that aired at Comic Con San Diego in July against the newly released extended trailer from only a few short days ago.

In the original trailer from Comic Con, we see that Rick has discovered “evidence” of something gone awry somewhere inside the prison yard – a bracelet with a cross. We also see a disturbed and depressed Tyreese – visibly shaken by an unknown event. Many fans speculated the death of Tyreese’s sister Sasha as the cause of his distress. But the new extended trailer hints at a blossoming relationship between Tyreese and former Woodbury resident Karen – who appears to be wearing the same cross bracelet that Rick discovers in the prison yard. See the screen shots below:


Did AMC and The Walking Dead accidentally reveal a major character death? I’m guessing they don’t assume fans analyze trailers scene-by-scene, but evidently some do. What do you think? Are you convinced by the evidence? Sound off below.

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

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  • Rogue 1303

    I think Tyreese’s horror at seeing the blood trail (while holding flowers) is a good indicator that Karen does not make it past the first four episodes. We all figured that the Woodbury people would be “redshirts” to the Prison.

  • Quantumnerd

    It’s definitely not Sasha, because Tyrese, Sasha and Beth were just upgraded to regular cast. So I’m guessing Karen is killed or they think she is killed or maybe she is kidnapped by the gov.