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The Walking Dead Season 4 Exclusive Photos – Did Rick Lose His Hand?

The Walking Dead Comic Book Spoilers & Potential Season 4 Spoilers below. You have been warned!

Rick-Loses-Hand-The-Walking-DeadI’m forewarning you to take all of this with a grain of salt. I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of these photos as a telling sign for what’s to come in Season 4 of The Walking Dead. But as fans of the comic book series, we are all too familiar with Rick Grimes’ early interactions with The Governor (David Morrissey will reprise the role in Season 4), and the subsequent loss of his hand.

Fans have been wondering whether “TV Rick” will suffer the same fate at the hands of The Governor. In the past, Robert Kirkman has expressed that cutting off Rick’s hand is one of the few things he regrets about the comics, due to the fact that it limits the character’s ability to conduct everyday functions. As of 2 years ago, it appeared that “TV Rick’s” hand would remain intact; seeing that its removal wouldn’t necessarily contribute to the overall story (and I could only imagine the CGI costs).

However, in these exclusive images from the set of Season 4 of The Walking Dead (from a source that I cannot determine, but were found on a Walking Dead fan’s Twitter), it appears as though Rick has suffered a significant hand injury – coincidentally on the same hand as his comic counterpart. Take a look below:

Rick's Missing Hand - 3

Rick's Missing Hand - 2Rick's Missing Hand - 1 What do you think about the pictures above? Is this a telling sign that Rick’s hand may be cut off by The Governor during Season 4, or has he only suffered a minor hand injury? Sound off below.

Look on the bright side; it appears Carol is still alive and well…for now.

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci

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  • Sam McVeigh

    Dont think his hands been cut off, you can sorta make out the rough shape of the hand, whereas he had a sort of stump in the comics. Perhaps he had an injury like when he beat up thomas in the comics??

  • CindiThrock

    i’m thinking its just an injury as well, kirkman said he regretted cutting off rick’s hand only because it limited the character so much. so they cut off merle’s instead.

    • CindiThrock

      but my carol looks badass!!!!

    • Sammy Lane

      Uh..They killed Merle Dixion in last season dude!Remember??He was turned to a WALKER near Woodsbury. Frankly I’d be surprised if they decided to pop out Carls eye like they in the comicbooks instead?

      • quitcherbichinn

        uh Merle cut his hand off in SEASON ONE and that is what Cindi is referring to. so she’s saying Kirkman stated they cut off Merle’s hand in Season One instead of Rick’s in Season Three. not hard to follow.

        • Sammy Lane

          She didn’t specify dumb ass!

          • quitcherbichinn

            actually…by way of reading comprehension…she did. maybe that’s a skill you want to work on, dumb ass!

          • Sammy Lane

            I am so done with pointless crap I made my point and so I say to you,you undeserving American mucca arrivederci asino muto!

          • quitcherbichinn

            when you lose you may as well show what common trash you are. good on ya! =)

          • Micael

            Quitcherbichinn is right. And stop insulting just because your point is wrong.

          • quitcherbichinn

            TY! =)

          • adam

            Well think about this the python isnt on his rightnhip either and he doesnt go anywhere with out his colt .357 oython he made that quite clearlol

          • quitcherbichinn

            i’m not saying his hand will or won’t be cut off on the show. i was just going on what the OP said…Sammy has no reading comprehension and needed it explained to her as if she were a 3 year old….that was my purpose. =)

          • Kimberlie Trent

            It may just be because using the python is too hard/painful with an injured hand. I still don’t think it means he lost his hand. My opinion is it is an injury, like when Rick beat the snot out of Thomas in the comic after he tried to kill Andrea.

          • Sammy Lane

            Wow!Seriously??Get a life.

          • adam

            Suck my big cock Sammy

          • Sammy Lane

            I’m looking for them but I see your Daddy sucked them right off ya.

          • Humpin Sammy

            Wait your turn Sammy is sucking mine right now…PS she swallows also

          • UKzombie

            ummm…sorry Ms Lane. She’s right. hahaha

      • Aimee

        thats later in the comics

        • Sammy Lane

          Were Merle and Daryl added to the comics??I know they written for the show,Robert Kirkman even said they weren’t in the comics(at the time),so were they added??

          • Antonio George

            They were originally gonna put Dwight in the show instead of Daryl there is no Daryl or Merle in the comics

          • Sammy Lane

            Really??I heard they recently got included?

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  • Gregarious Raptopoulos

    The Walking Dead comics are notorious for misleading readers with pre-released covers months in advance. This is so typical. He won’t lose his hand in the tv series. Even in these pictures you can see his hand is in tact; it’s just bandaged.

  • LeeEverett

    I think a couple fingers may be severed instead of the whole hand

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  • GreenGuy78

    Well, considering the bandage is wrapped around HIS HAND, I see absolutely no reason to speculate that he loses his hand because of this. Unless he loses it to infection, which would be such an uneventfully mundane plot choice.

    He absolutely does not lose his hand, it just makes no sense at this point to include that particular plot line. If they do go back and recycle things like this, it will be a very bad sign for the shows creativity level going forward. They can (and I am sure will) do much better than that.

  • Mama Kin

    It looks like Andrew Lincoln hurt his hand – if it was cut off and they were using CGI effects, he would be wearing a green glove. The glove would be a hassle and he would probably take it off when not filming.

  • Shiree Espinoza

    I’m thinking it’s his injury from beating up someone like in the prison. He broke it I think in the comics at first for beating some guy up. (Tyresse or Allen)

    • Kimberlie Trent

      It was Thomas, after he killed Maggie’s sisters and tried to kill Andrea. The fight with Tyreese was later, after the hand started to heal (right before the governor cut it off). Yes, I am way more into it than is healthy for me.

  • adam

    I dont know cusnthe python isnt on his right hip its got me guessing!!!

  • paul apost

    Dont worry can see his fingers in these pics.i did

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  • Jacob Shorba

    Lost fingers

  • Jacob Shorbat

    I think he may have just lost his fingers which I do not know how.

  • Ralf

    You can CLEARLY see his fingers at the end of the bandages. So no, he prolly got into a fight.

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  • NotRickGrimes

    He’s going to get bitten in the hand. They wrap it afterward to get somewhere safe, but later they’ll have to cut part of his arm off to save him.

    Anyone who reads the comics knows that they’ll figure out soon that zombies are slow and dumb, and that even a small number of humans working strategically can kill basically an infinite number of zombies even if they all swarm at once. The only threat left in the comic world is a small band of humans who have absolutely no interest in killing or attacking Rick and who only ever occasionally pick off a very minor character who, at best, contributes nothing. Usually it’s even a minor character who was a threat to Rick, so really the only “threat” left in the comic world is one that constantly makes Rick increasingly safer. The only reason it’s still interesting at all is precisely because he’s physically limited, making the game only slightly imbalanced in Rick’s favor. The hand is going to have to go, or else the show will have to have a really boring end-game or will have to deviate drastically from the comics and make the zombies much more dangerous or something.

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  • Travis Romero

    I can kinda make out fingers I think

  • lilken91

    it showed him and tyreese fighting in the preview its probably from that

  • Matt

    I think it is bandaged from Rick punching someone repeatedly as he is prone to do in the book…maybe Tyreese?

  • Jacob

    “As of 2 years ago, it appeared that “TV Rick’s” hand would remain intact;seeing that its removal wouldn’t necessarily contribute to the overall story (and I could only imagine the CGI costs)”

    I had a co-worker trying to tell me that Rick DOES lose his hand and because the show’s a huge success–“It’s making millions”–they can afford the CGI to remove his hand.
    I told him that they’re on a budget, and even if the show is making “millions” it’s still on a budget.


    naaa the govener is already dead so its certian that it won’t happen, but amc has anounced that negan will be soon added which may mean he will be the one who will do this to rick

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