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The Walking Dead Season 4 Image Revealed – Zombie Lori?!

Just kidding. Well, kind of. In this newly released image from Season 4 of The Walking Dead, it appears that Rick Grimes has a stalker. But that scraggly long brown hair and white dress seems a litttttttle too familiar. Are we being teased that zombie Lori will make an appearance in Season 4? Probably not. Rumors have already been circling that according to Robert Kirkman, Rick Grimes himself isn’t even safe this season. So we can safely assume that this image further emphasizes that fact. Feel free to speculate below in the comments section!


The Walking Dead surged to record ratings throughout its third season, often defeating its non-cable competition among the key advertising demographic of 18-49-year olds.

AMC is yet to announce an official premiere date for Season 4, but production got underway on Monday of this week.

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian Compagnucci

Sebastian is the lead host of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast. In his spare time, you can find him watching trashy reality television like Survivor and Big Brother.
Sebastian Compagnucci
  • The sooner the better! Can’t wait to see what happens! Hope they don’t kill Rick or Daryl off this season!

  • It does look somewhat like a woman in (what was) a white dress. And wearing a men’s suit jacket over it!

    And my bet for the Season 4 premiere date is October 13th.

  • tanya

    If they kill Rick off the show won’t be worth watching anymore!!!!

  • L@zarus_Rizing

    I hope season 4 is better than the 3rd …

  • DesertChildAZ

    No. Not Lori . Lori was wearing a plaid button down shirt and naked from the waist down when she was zombified (assuming CArl did not shoot her). I don’t think zombies dress themselves.

  • NO lol (email)

    Rick is going to lose his hand… Lori is most likely the zombie from the trailer with her belly ripped open. DUH

  • Leah Miller

    Lori was eaten by the zombie Rick encounters in the room she died in. Its belly was distended and it had her hair on its mouth. That’s part of why Rick loses it on the walker.

  • Austin

    If Rick dies I’m not going to watch the show anymore.

  • Mph77

    They zoomed in on this zombie in one of the final scenes last night.. anyone notice?

  • kristi

    I noticed how they zoomed in on that zombie on that last episode and i guarantee that is lori. Same forehead, boneline, nose and it does look like a white dress dirtied and tore up. but she was not wearing that when she died. so im not sure.,

    • TWD_Enthusiasts

      The walker in the last scene of the midseason finale was Crazy Clara from Episode 1/Season 4 – the chick with the head in the bag.